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WS2813 double signal 60 led pixel strip

1. Individually addressable rgb pixel led strip

2. Double Data lines, signal break-point continuous transmission

3. DC5V , 60W/m

3. 10mm wide White / Black PCB

4. 4 pin JST-SM connector

5. 3M adhensive tape on back side of non-waterproof strip

6. Support SD controller,Arduino,Glediator,DMX512,Artnet to control

7. Widely used in entertainment, stage, live performance,etc



WS2813 double signal 60 led pixel strip

1.WS2813 is an intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components. Its internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit.

2.WS2813 60 led addressable led strip function is signal break-point continuous transmission.  we also have ws2813 strips of 30 led/m and 144 led/m.

Why 2 data signal?, it is for led strip one led is broken , another data still can work ,unless 2 next led Two successive LED is broken then the led strip can not working . This ws2813 can make the led strip one is broken will not affect another led working.

3. ws2813  led strip refresh Frequency updates to 2KHz /s and data transmitting at speeds of up to  800kpbs that is  much faster than ws2812b,sk6812 and sk6822 led strips.

4. You can think our WS2813 LED strip is ws2812b updated version. From the picture we can see WS2813 LED strip only have led chip on the surface of led strip, this is because WS2813 led chip not only have the ic ,but also capacitors package in 5050.

5. The way the ws2813 60 pixels strips are controlled by Arduino, Glediator, DMX( Artnet), Raspberry pi, T1000s/T300K/T500K and etc.


Light source Epistar WS2813 SMD LEDs
Beam angle 120 deg.
Operating voltage DC5V
Consumption watts 60±W
Pixel pitch(mm) 16.7mm
Entire piece LED quantity 60 pcs
PCB board thickness 10mm wide, 0.3mm thickness
Current 50 mA at 5 V with full brightness
Operation Temperature -20-60
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