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Wireless DMX512 SPI LED pixel controller YM-501

1. Wireless synchronize, control 500 meters area

2. With 4 output ports, each port load 512 pixels,2048 pixels maximum

3. Support DMX512 protocol + SPI /TTL protocl IC chips

4. Connect sub-controllers when product is DMX512 chips that on-line

5. On-line is work with Madrix software

6. Click buttons or remoter to control program models, speed

7. Off-line controller, program saved in SD card, 15 files maximum

8. Widely used in all DMX512 led products projects.



DMX512,SPI LED pixel controller

1. Two control model: Control online mainly means DMX512; Control offline mainly means normal SPI/TTL IC chips.

2. IP address settings: with LCD display, no DIP switch design, all IP and MAC is set to be completed by the key;
3. Controller with 2G SD card, program saved in SD card for offline playback;
4. Using Fast Ethernet, TCP / IP communication protocol, host connectivity LED controller via standard network cable;
5. Each controller has four output ports, a single port output control 512 pixels;
6. This multip function LED cotroller have master controller function too, that on-line can be cascaded to 16  sub-controllers, 31 units can be cascaded off  of control maximum;
7 Grayscale settings: Customers can never light gray under the circumstances to 65,536 (64K) adjust the gray, LED lights let you achieve the best display effect;
8. Brightness adjustment: 100 automatic brightness adjustment function allows you to adjust the display brightness is more effective;

9. EMC design, with good anti-jamming capability;


Dimension 260*154*45mm Signal type DMX512 / SPI
Weight 1085g Color level RGB 256 levels
Voltage AC100-230V Working Temperature -30~70
Wattage 10W maximum Load pixels 4*512 pixels
Output 4 ports Software Madrix for DMX chip
 Support IC Single Signal : TM1804,TM1809,UCS1903,CS2903, WS2811, SK6812,WS2813, TLS3001,etc
Double signal: DMX512,P9813,LPD6803,LPD8806, SM16716,SM16726, WS2801, etc.
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