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P9823 5mm 8mm digital DIP LED

1. Individually control of RGB color and brightness of each LED

2. Input voltage of 4.5 V to 6.5 V

3. PWM control terminal can achieve a level 256 adjustment, not less than 400 hz/s scanning frequency
3. Gray-scale adjusting circuit (luminance level 256 adjustable)
4. Four PIN Design: Positive(+5v), Negative(Ground), Data in,Data out
5. Built-in double RC oscillation, and according to the clock synchronization signal on the data line, after receive the data after completing this unit can automatically forwards the follow-up data for plastic

6. Data sending rate of up to 800 KBPS

7. Compatiable with ws2811,sk6812,ucs1903 ,etc

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1.P9823 WS2811 5mm 8mm digital DIP LED is a collection of control circuit and the luminous RGB chip integration in a LED packaging components, constitute a complete external control pixel, pixels inside contains intelligent digital interface data latch signal shaping amplifier drive circuit, also contains a high precision internal oscillator, effectively guarantee the highly consistent pixel light color.

2. Data protocol adopts single size zero communication, pixels in electricity after reset, DIN client receive the data from the controller transfer to come over.

3. First of all the 24 bit data is sent after the first pixel extraction, to the inside of the pixel data latch, and the rest of the data through the internal plastic processing circuit plastic enlarged through the DO output port began to forward to the next cascaded pixel, every pixel of transmission, signal reduce 24 bit.

4. Forward pixels using automatic plastic technology, makes the number of cascaded pixel is not restricted by the signal, only limited signal transmission speed requirements.

5.P9823 WS2811 5mm 8mm digital DIP LED Provide three road and 256 grey level modulation output constant current driver.

6. Using single transport (DATA), built in regeneration, the transmission distance. Used to drive the display light transformation, transformation, color cartoon character designs.

7. P9823 WS2811 5mm 8mm digital DIP LED has good performance, visual effect is clear, simple cascade mode; Data transmission stability, strong anti-interference ability, etc.

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