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Flexible ws2812b sk6812 LED Matrix 8×32- 256 RGB LED Pixels

1. 8 x 32pcs ws2812b RGB LEDs in 80 x 320mm flexible board

2. 10mm pixel pitch

3. DC5V, 60W

4. 3pin JST-SM connector

5.  Support T-1000s, K-1000c,Arduino,Glediator,DMX512,Artnet, MADRIX NEBULA to control

6. Widely used in entertainment, stage, live performance,etc




Flexible ws2812b sk6812 LED Matrix 8×32- 256 RGB LED Pixels

1. For ws2812b leds, now have bendable ws2812b 8×32 flexible led rgb pixel matrix! Control all 256 ultra bright LEDs, set each LEDs as you wish to scroll message or draw little images.

2. This 8×32 ws2812b flexible matrix has a thick flexible PCB backing that can be gently bent and curved around surfaces. And also, they are the same integrated LEDs that used in our addressable ws2812b (sk6812) led pixel tapes.

3. 8×32 ws2812b flexible digital matrix has 32 pixels in each of its 8 lines, 256 LEDs in total. This is a continuous strip of leds making it easy to program for displays and is flexible so can be wrapped around objects and works with a 5v power supply.

4. Don’t forget, with 256 LEDs, you could use over 12A of current if turn on all the LEDs on to white which we really don’t recommend.

5. 8×32 ws2812b flexible matrix  has two 3pin JST-SM conductor cables contains 1 JST-SM 3pin output side and 1 JST-SM 3pin input side.

 Thanks to the connectors, multiple ws2812b 8×32 flexible led rgb pixel matrix could be chained, as many as you wish, just watch for how much current they need. We recommend supply power to each panel when  you links many piece.

Note: all ll flexible matirx are note designed for repeated flexing.


Light source ws2812b 8x32LED flex matrix
Beam angle 140 deg.
Operating voltage DC5V
Consumption watts 60±W
Pixel pitch(mm) 10mm
Entire piece LED quantity 256 pcs
PCB board size 80mm x 320mm , 2.5mm thickness
Current 12.6A at 5 V with full brightness
Brightness R-650mcd, G-520mcd,B-460mcd
Operation Temperature -20-60


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