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38mm 9 leds pixel light

1. 38mm 9 leds pixel light

2. Trasparent cover

3. DC12V / 24V, 2.1W

4. Punching 19mm hole to install

5. 10-15cm cable length

5. Every 20pcs contains 1 pcs pixel with power cable

6. waterproof connector is available to do

7. Black LEDs / White LEDs inside

8. Widely used in outdoor signs, amustment rides, etc


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38mm 9 leds pixel light

1.The 38mm 9 leds amusement pixel light is the evolution version of our hot-sell amusement 35mm 9 leds pixel lights. Much smaller size, much brighter ,most important is much smaller drill 19mm hole size that keep 45mm led pixel lights shape.

  1. 38mm 9 leds amusement pixel lights is individually piece, has two 3pin JST-SM conductor cables contains 1 JST-SM 3pin output side and 1 JST-SM 3pin input side.
  2. When linking multiple 38mm rgb pixel 9 leds together, power should be split and applied to each 20 pcs.
  3. They’re sealed with silicon gel (IP66), making them weatherproof for outdoor use.
  4. IP68 is available to do , with the waterproof connector.
  5. There only transparent cover to choose, only 12V.


Product 38mm 9 leds amusement pixel light
operating voltage: 12V
power: 2.1W
light source: 9x SMD5050 RGB Chip
Beam angle: 140°
Lifetime: 50.000 hours
IP rating: IP66
Dimension (D x H): 38.5x 38mm
Drill hole 19mm
Cover Transparent cover
IC chip UCS1903 / 2903/1904
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