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12v addressable white led strip tape 60led/m ws2811IC

1. Individually addressable White led strip

2. DC12V , 14W/m

3. 10mm wide White / Black PCB

4. 2pin / 3pin JST-SM connector

5. 2700K -10000K White CCT are available to choose

6. 3M adhensive tape on backside of non-waterproof strip

7. Support SD controller,Arduino,Glediator,DMX512,Artnet, MADRIX NEBULA to control

8. Widely used in entertainment, stage, live performance,etc



1.We’ve all seen the cool RGB LED strips where each LED can be addressed with DC5V working voltage.

But for many projects, clients are prefer to choose the DC12V LED strips could be programmable white. Has any anyone seen good, super white LEDs in the 12V addressable led strips?   Now, we developed and produced this new strip, 12v addressable programmable white led strip 60 leds/m.

2. This 12v addressable white led strip allows you to individually control all 60 super white (22-24lm) LEDs on a bare board even waterproof, self-adhesive strip.

3. This strip isn’t the normal 1 IC & 3 leds per unit strip! why we say this? Because this addressable white led strip is made of special copper board that each channel of ws2811 IC to run each white LED. ( One IC have 3 channels, 1 channel control 1 LED )

4. Each 5m addressable controllable white strip comes with 0.1″ spaed 2 / 3-pin JST-SM connecotrs( +12v, DAT, GND) and 2-pin power cables.

5. The 12v addressable white led strip led strip change white colors via Arduino,  DMX controller,  sd card controllers like T1000s, T-300K, even the Raspberry Pi.

6. Not only addressable white led strip, but also have addressable Red/ Green/ Yellow/ Blue , etc


Light source Epistar SMD5050 White LEDs
Beam angle 120 deg.
Operating voltage DC12V
Consumption watts 14±W
IC chip ws2811
Entire piece LED quantity 60 pcs
White Color Temerature 2700K -10000K
PCB board thickness 10mm wide, 0.3mm thickness
LM 22-24 lm/LED
Operation Temperature -20-60
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